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Casual Shirt Brands - We will share the 14 most popular Casual Brands used by hooligans or Hooligan Football. Then what are the brand names? We will review the Casual Brands Football, the first of these:

1. Adidas
Founded in 1949, it is a multinational corporation, established and headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany, which designs and manufactures shoes, clothing, and accessories.

2. Stone Island
Stone Island is an Italian designer brand from the Sportswear Company (SPW). Labels are defined as secondary lines or a diffusion collection of the C. P Company labels primarily.
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3. Weekend Offender
Established in a small Welsh town outside Cardiff as a side project in 2004, Weekend Offender was the brainchild of Sam Jones and Rhydian Powell

4. Fred Perry
The brand was born in the late 1940 's, by former Austrian footballer Tibby Wegner.
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5. Lyle and Scott
The company was founded in Scotalnd in 1874.

6. Ellese
Ellesse was founded by Leonardo Servadio in Perugia in 1959. The name Ellesse originates from the initials of Leonardo Servadio (L. S)

7. Fila
Fila was invented in Biella, Piedmont, by the Fila Brothers in 1909. It initially started with making clothes for people in the Italian Alps.

8. Aquascutum
Aquascutum was founded in 1851, by tailor and businessman John Emary.

9. Sergio Tacchini
Sergio Tacchini was born September 2, 1938, by sports fashion designer and former Italian professional tennis player. The Sports apparel company is located in Bellinzago Novarese.

10. C.P Company
C.P. Company started producing Italian casual clothing in 1975 with the idea of restoring traditional clothing elements.

11. Peaceful Hooligan
As they wrote on their website: "The peaceful Hooligan was born from the desire to create the clothes they wanted to wear with the brand they wanted to wear. With a focus on quality rather than trends and fashions, they make fixtures to survive the things they do, from bad manners. Down pubs to follow our colors across the country.

12. Marshall Artist
Marshall Artist was born in London EC1 in 2001 and was quickly recognized as one of Britain's most beloved men's clothing brands.

13. Burberry
The Brand was founded by the 21-year-old gown maker Thomas Burberry in 1856 and their first store opened in 1891 in London.

14. Lacoste
Lacoste is a French company, founded in 1933 by tennis players René Lacoste and André Gillier.
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