The most popular Adidas shoes series worn by Hooligans Casual

Hooligans Sneakers
casual supporter style

adidas vintage shoes | When watching football matches, they prefer to perform with shirts or polo shirts from world-renowned brands using clothes related to their proud team.

Some also wear jackets or sweaters that support their appearance. Not only clothes, they are also very concerned about the footwear they wear. They will wear shoes from Adidas brand.

Why Adidas shoes are always identical with hooligans? Most casual fans will use Adidas shoes in the game. Wanting to watch in a cafe, bar or direct support to the stadium, Adidas shoes have always been the main choice. Then here is a list of the most popular Adidas shoe series used by casual hooligans:

1. Adidas Samba

2. Adidas M√ľnchen

3. Adidas SL72

4. Adidas Hamburg

5. Adidas Jamaica

6. Adidas Gazelle

7. Adidas Jeans

8. Adidas Spezial

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