How to spot a Fake Stone Island

stone island football hooligan
Since the mid-1990s, Stone Island has been popular among casual subculture football supporters in the UK and all over Europe there. Stone Island can also be met in football hooliganism films, for example: Green Street Hooligans and The Football Factory. Canadian Rapper Drake is also spotted wearing Stone Island, and has helped popularize hip hop.

How to spot Fake Stone Island:

Quality of materials
All ingredients have high quality. All stitching straight neat and also Stone Island clothing do not smell chemical.

The Patch is attached to the left arm with two buttons. There is a yellow stitch around the button on the original patch (see image below).
Stone Island Patch Original

The back side is made of black silk. And the Embroidery logo also has good quality and neat.


The original Button Stone Island behind it is a small hole. (see picture below).
how to spot a fake stone island badge

Tag Label
Tag or label Stone Island should have all information about the model including Art Number, country of origin, materials and way of care. Art Number includes a lot of information for example: season, Brand, item type, model, type of cloth etc.
real vs fake stone island

Certiligo technology. The Stone Island brand uses a unique serial number printed on the tag. You can check the authenticity by scanning the QR code or manually entering the code on the site.

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