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How to spot fake Fred Perry - Real vs Fake Fred Perry Polo Shirt

The Fred Perry brand is one of the most historic sportswear and fashion brands in the UK.

With the popularity of this brand, now the brand is the target of counterfeit clothing. You can find a lot of Fred Perry's artificial clothing.

In general there is a slight difference between Fred Perry original vs fake. It's easy enough to know Fred Perry's original vs fake.

Here's How To Spot Fake Fred Perry:
Fred Perry Logo HD

1. Label size.

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Labels must include sizes. Men are XS-XL while women are 8-16. The female Label currently shows sizes in four scales: UK, EU, US and DE. Unless the collection is special, they are dark blue (although the label before the 90-an is used to be green-when buying antique polo, green labels are not fake marks.). Laurel should look sharp and detail, as illustrated below. This should be stitched to the side.
Fred Perry Real vs Fake

2. Dress button
Color studs must match the tone of the cloth. They should also be embossed with the words of Fred Perry. There may be exceptions, such as Amy Winehouse Collection, Japanese edition or any other special range, but the classic M1200 should get these details correctly.
how to iron a fred perry polo shirt

3. Logo
Notice the result of the logo embroidery. The result of embroidery process is no defect and very neat.
Fred Perry Polo Shirt How to Know If They Are Real Or Fake

4. Label tags
The inner Label shows the model and place of fabrication, which is accompanied by a brand logo. Fred Perry is usually used in the UK, Italy or Portugal, but it is now common to find Chinese or macanese-made goods.

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