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Top Football Hooligans Film - Soccer Hooligan Movie

Hooligans Movie, On this time I want to share a list of football Hooligans movies. One might have already known friends such as The Football Factory, Green Street Hooligans and The Firm. And this time I want to share 8 movie names about Hooligans that you should watch or know. What is it?

Football Hooligans Movie

football hooligans england
Football Hooligans in England

1. Green Street Hooligans

Green Street Hooligans or Green Street is a 2005 British-American independent drama film about football hooliganism in the United Kingdom. The Film is directed by Lexi Alexander and stars Elijah Wood and Charlie Hunnam. In the film, an American student falls with the violent West Ham football firm (The Green Street Elite) run by brother-in-law and morally transformed with their commitments to each other.
Two sequels are followed in the form of Direct-to-video release. The first, Green Street 2: Stand Your Ground, was released on various dates around the world between 2009 March to July 2010. The second, Green Street 3: Never Back Down, was released in the UK on October 21, 2013.

2. The Football Factory

The Football Factory is a British drama film written and directed by Nick Love and released in 2004. The Film stars Danny Dyer, Tamer Hassan, Frank Harper, Roland Manookian, Neil Maskell and Dudley Sutton. Tommy Johnson (Danny Dyer) is a member of the violent Hooligan firm of Chelsea. His friends and fellow hooligans include Tommy's best friend, Rod King (Neil Maskell), the hot Billy Bright (Frank Harper), and the impulsive Young member Zeberdee (Roland Manookian) and RAF (Calum MacNab). Tommy spends his days drinking, using drugs, womanising and fighting, many of his grandfather's disappointments Bill Farrell (Dudley Sutton), a retired and veteran who plans to move to Australia with his best friend Albert (John JUNKIN).
Tommy has an enlightenment about his lifestyle during an argument with the company Tottenham Hooligan. Tommy, Billy and Rod are arrested for attacking two Stoke City fans while traveling to an away match. This action drew the rage of Harris (Tony Denham), the leader of Chelsea's firm, whose attempts to keep the order thwarted by aggressive explosions Billy.

3. Ultrà

ultras film

The Film was released in 1991 and tells of a group of Roma Ultras who went to Turin during a game between Juve and Rome. The Romans were greeted with stones by enemies, and leaders of the extremist groups. Prince, ordered his followers to stab Juventus fans. The two opposing factions were arrested and forced to tell the fact to the supervisor. Meanwhile, at the Juventus Stadium, the remaining UltraS are locked in a fight between their enemies. Ultras Film.

4. Cass

CASS was released in 2008. Cass is based on the real life story of Cass Pennant, adapted from his book. The Film tells the story of how he was adopted by a pair of old whites at 1958 and raised in Slade Green, an all-white region of London. Cass were forced to endure racist bullying every day from local children, who also mocked his feminine name, "Carol ", the name given to him at birth. Cass finds through violent respect he has never been and becomes addicted to the battle Buzz. Cass led the ICF to victory against a large Hooligan firm, like Leeds in 1980, but became frustrated with the lack of publicity that ICF received. So he created a card with a famous slogan, "Congratulations, you've just met the famous ICF ", and gave the TV interview, increasing the company's fame for humiliation, their specialties. However, the government under Margaret Thatcher began to drop violently on hooliganism, and after an organized attack on a group of Newcastle United supporters, Cass was imprisoned for four years. While at Wormwood Scrub, Cass began writing his autobiography, in hopes that he could generate some revenues over published books; However, his writings were seized by prison after his release.

5.The Firm

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The Firm is a British 2009 drama film based around the football hooliganism written and directed by Nick Love. This movie is a remake of version 1989. Bex is the leader of the West Ham United Football Company, who travels up and down the country against other companies. Dom was a normal young man hanging around with his partner, and one night they went to a nightclub, where his friend Tel walked to Bex. After two words share, Bex headbutts Tel in the face. The morning after that, Tel told Dom that Bex was after them. The two then go to the local pub, Lord Nelson, where the company hangs Out. There, Dom apologizes for both of them. Bex praises Dom's courage, saying that he has a lot of guts to walk and confront him. Dom then discovers where Bex works and goes to visit it. They became acquaintances, visiting a sports shop where Bex bought a pair of Adidas Munich coaches. He then asks Dom if he wants to play in the football team. Dom accepts. Dom asks his father for the money to buy the same pair of coaches.
Dom arrived late in a football game and put in the goal. After he kept a vital punishment, the rest of the boys began to take a liking to him, especially Jay, who asked if he had come to Portsmouth on the weekends. Dom agrees. Trigger, a second-in-command company, visits Bex at work, where he tells him that the company Millwall and the Portsmouth company encounter to discuss up-and-coming matches between the three teams. Bex runs in on a meeting to pitch his idea of three companies coming together to form a national company for the UEFA European Championship. Pitch failed, with Millwall and Portsmouth's top son refusing to stand behind Bex in a national firm unless he and his company could defeat them in a forthcoming meeting. Saturday came and the company was at the station getting trains to Portsmouth. When they got there they met the Portsmouth company at the pub. The police arrived and tried to break up two teams. During the fight, Dom is punching on the face but stays on his feet and blows back.

6. Awaydays

Awaydays is a British 2009 film directed by Pat Holden and starring Stephen Graham. The film is based on the novel of the same name by Kevin Sampson published in 1998. The Film begins in 1979 with Paul Carty (Nicky Bell), with his sister Molly, (Holliday Grainger) and father, at the funeral of his mother. After his brother guided his father away from the tomb, Carty, looking at his watch, began to blur. Along the way he will turn into a casual outfit and carry on his walk until he catches a special football train.
On top of the train, he meets the leader of the football firm, John Godden (Stephen Graham), a former soldier who warns him that he has no room for runners in his company and he is best standing on the ground. While walking through the train, he meets Elvis (Liam Boyle), and Carty recalls how they met in a series of flashbacks. We learned that Carty was always fascinated by The Pack, observing them in Tranmere games when they fought and tried to dress as they were, where the point of Baby Millan (Oliver Lee), a moored of Carty and threatened him but Elvis led the youth Others went and Carty stood the ground. Carty finally meets Elvis at the nightclub and the couple realizes they have many of the same things from musical tastes to want to get out of Birkenhead. The couple fantasize about leaving for Berlin. Carty, during the next couple of meetings, begs Elvis to introduce her to Pack but Elvis calls them a gang of and says Carty doesn't want to be involved. In the end, after Carty's headbutts, a rude sales assistant at a record store to prove his fighting skills, Elvis surrendered and told him to meet him on the train on 12:00 on Saturday.

7. The Hooligans War

The Hooligans War Film was released in 2013. A novice football player is injured in the fight Bar and exits the next tournament. Jobless and with her pregnant boyfriend, she bought an ice cream van and started her work. Soon a group of Polish mafia drugs began to irritating him. For protection he joined hands with the British mafia involved in the football hooliganism.

8. Okolofutbola

The Film tells the story of Hooligans football, the most aggressive and violent football fan. They are an exclusive group, the elite of all football fans. Anyone they may be in their daily lives – students, bankers, musicians, or car mechanics – they are the "Firm ". It's easy to get into the company, but once you're on, it's for life. There is no going back. The Film is based on actual events.

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The 8 references to the Hooligans Film and Ultras Film.